Monday, September 24, 2012


Hey Everyone, first, the photo is of Me and my Companion with Elder Ávila, of the 70. He came, and yesterday we had a district conference, and he gave one of the best talks i´ve ever heard.

How crazy, Tance got injured again? Sheesh. Sounds like that kills. Are they going to have to break the bone or anything? What are they going to do to heal it up? A month without sports is going to kill him! That would be rough. Be strong Tance, keep working hard, and if you can´t physically, work hard mentally. Use this time to study well so that when you´re ready to go, your mind will be even stronger. THings like that happen for a reason. Before the mission I didn´t really pay attention, or try to understand why things like that happen, but I promise if you pray, and read the scriptures, and ask Heavenly Father for an answer, he will answer you, and you will know what he wants you to do. I encourage everyone to do that with the trials and things that are passing through. We need to ask our Heavenly Father SPECIFICALLY about what we want to know, then begin to read the scriptures, search the answer, and pray hard, and I know he will answer, because he has done it in my life many many times.

Mom, I was thinking, you should do what The Mckee´s did with Miles and his mission, with a big board in the family room, of a map of my mission in Argentina, and put where i´ve been and some pictures around it. That would be really cool, I always loved looking at the one that they had. Ask Charli how to do it, i´m sure she´d be more than willing to help you out with it. Send me some pictures when you have it!

Tean, I know that because you made plans to go to that retreat, God will bless you. I know how hard it is to work things around with Work, and how uncomfortable it is to ask people, but that´s really cool you were able to attend that. I know that it probably really helped you with the mission, and I know that things like that are inspired, and we should all really try our hardest to attend those activities, because the Lord inspires them, and helps us to make them turn out the way they need to. That´s cool that you are all working on the backyard, should look great bythe time I get home, and i´m glad you´ll have goats because the milk here is really different, and I can´t wait to start drinking real milk again! How was the lunch with Xotchil and Charli? what did you do? I love the Temple Dedications, and I hope that when this part of Argentina gets a temple, we can all attend together! The temple dedications are really special. That´s cool you were all able to go to that.

This week was a really spiritual week for me. We were really struggling with having some new investigators that were willing to progress, and to find the poeple that God has prepared, but this week was really awesome. On Thursday we were walking to one of our old investigators, and we were trying to think of things we could do to find more people, and not just walk aimlessly, and we started to walk down a road, and I just had a thought come to my mind, "I think we need to walk down the other road...." So we walked down the other road, and started to just clap a few houses, but nobody was there, and we were about to leave, when I had another though, " Go to the end of the road, there has to be someone here that is ready to listen to us" and we found a family of 3. Esteban (25) Mírian(24), and their little 3 year old girl Valeria. They aren´t married, yet, but They are so awesome. We had that conference yesterday, but the thing is, it was 2 hours in travel to get there, and it was a little hard to get our branch to go, so we hired a bus to take us, and the bus left at 6 in the morning, but Esteban and his family comitted themselves to go, and when we went to go pick them up yesterday morning at 6 AM, they were all ready outside and Esteban had even cut his hair for the meeting, (he had a big long rat tail the day before) and they are really ready. They loved the conference and felt the spirit really strongly. I know God plans things. And I know he guides those that are worthy, and willing to let him guide them. I know that this Church really is guided by Jesus Christ, and through his church leaders, he guides each one of us IF we pay attention, and listen to the spirit, and we are willing to do our part. I know that Joseph Smith restored this church. He was commanded to do so many things, and each time I learn more and more about him, and the Book of Mormon, the more and more thankful I am that God loves us enough to help us in times of Trial. Thank you all for your hard work and support, I hope everyone is reading and studying the scriptures and praying a lot, and going to church. Those are the things God asks of us, and if we do them, he blesses us. It´s as simple as that. I love you all, I hope you can understand this email, I wrote it really fast and a little all over the place.


Sawyer, you be strong too, I know braces probably aren´t super fun, but you can do it! You are stronger than most guys I know, so just be strong, and use your Allsupness to overcome it!


Me and my companion are great, we are working really hard, and getting along great. He´s a great Elder and i´m really excited to be working with him. and yes it´sstarting to get really really hot already unfortunately

Love, Elder Allsup

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