Monday, October 1, 2012


Hey Everyone!

Wow, Tance coached? That´s pretty cool, seems like it´d be a little hard, but that´s cool he did well. That´s great he´s getting good grades. I know that is something that will help anyone in their life, and to set good habits forever. That Missionary retreat sounds like fun. What exactly did they do? That´d be great if Tean could be working 2 jobs, because I know that working really helps, and it doesn´t matter what type of work, it´s all great. That´s really awesome Tean got his Eagle. That´s something I wish I would have done. I know it´s soemthing that he´ll never forget. And Sawyer got braces? Woah that´s crazy. Sounds like a hassle. The puppie sounds like fun, you´ll have to send a picture of it so I can see. Yorkies are pretty fun. I hope we have Goats milk when I get home, whether we have tons of goats or not, I hope we are still able to have the milk!

General conference will be good, we are going to travel about 2 hours to watch it, the same place we went last sunday, and it should be a lot of fun. We´re really excited. The food is good, I´m trying to eat a lot better, it´s really hard with our schedule, but i´m trying. Any tips for losing weight, or a good snack that´s easy to make? This summer is going to be hot, and i´m going to try and excercise a lot better and eat a lot better so I don´t gain weight. I´m learning to make a lot of good food, and my companion is from Peru, and he´s teachign me to make a lot of things too, so that´s good. I haven´t gotten any packages yet, but that doesn´t mean they haven´t arrived, if they don´t get here in a few weeks i´ll let you know.

Some things really cool yesterday - Maria, our convert, got called to be the Releif Society Presidente! She has less than a Month being a member and she´s already the Presidente, how cool! So the next time any of you don´t feel ready, Just think of her! Less than a month being a member and she´s already got a huge calling. It´s amazing to see how prepared they are and how willing they are to serve the Lord, because her daughter, our other convert is in the young womens already. How cool! I also gave a talk yesterday in sacrament meeting, which was pretty cool to do it all in castellano and not have to write anythign word for word.

Other than that, not a whole lot happened this week, still working hard, and trying to find those that the Lord has prepared. Thanks for all your prayers, I know they are helping me, and supporting me. Stay strong everyone, and prepare for the general conference!

I love you all, thanks for everything! Love Elder Allsup

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