Monday, October 15, 2012


Hey Everyone! Pretty crazy week, It´s rained all week pretty much without stop, but this Tuesday, a week ago, we were about 2 miles from the apartment, at about 7 pm, fairly late in the afternoon, watching the lightning storms while walking to an appointment, when the Zone Leaders called, and asked if we had food, and water, and we responded that yes we had water and food. Then they said, look we don´t have a lot of time, we have to notify the rest of the zone, but go back to your apartment right now, and if your apartment doesn´t hold up, go to the church. A little puzzled, we just said, alright, no problem, and started walking toward the pension, when a HUGE storm hit. The biggest i´ve ever seen in my life. The wind was knocking us over, the rain literally hurt hitting our backs, and the streets started to fill with water really quickly. We were in a really really poor part of our area, and it was a disaster. The power lines started to fall, and we were walking in about 1 1/2 feet of water, watching the water carry things down the street. It was literally the first time I have ever been physically scared of a storm, and literally the first time i´ve ever been scared that something very serious might happen to me or my companion. It was really really dangerous, and we started to basically run to the apartment, and it was literally like trying to run in a little river because of all the water. I still can´t believe we made it to the pension without any harm, but we did. Both of our umbrellas were pretty destroyed, and my boots were pretty messed up, but they´re fine now. It was amazing! I don´t have a lot of time because it´s still storming here, and the internet is going in and out, but i´ll write more next week. Hope you all loved General Conference! It was great, and really cool to be able to translate things. Some of the messages didn´t translate or something so I was able to translate for our branch! It was pretty cool, but I hope we can all put into practice all the things we´ve learned! I love you all, i´ll write more next week. Have a wonderful week, sounds like everyone is good, i´m proud of you all! Have fun on your trips and things! Love Elder Allsup

PS. Tean go on your mission with the good news!!! Congrats with working with Andy, sounds like it´ll be great, work hard and have fun with it!

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