Monday, October 29, 2012


Saturday we had the baptism of Esteban y Mirian!! It was great! I was able to confer Mirian a member yesterday too. The first one i´ve done personally here in Argentina. Yesterday was pretty crazy, the night before last I couldn´t sleep because the thunder was so loud, and the lightning lit up the whole room and was super bright, and I got up to go look outside, and didn´t realize my companion had gotten up too, and we scared the crap out of eachother. But it´s been raining like crazy, and yesterday the bishopric and us, and Esteban y Mirian were the only ones in church, which was pretty crazy to only have like 8 people. But the baptism was great and everything went smoothely.
 We have transfers this week so we´ll see what happens. I get a new companion no matter what, but I think i´ll stay here in Santo Tomé for at least another transfer. So that´s exciting, and i´ll let you know. Next Monday we have Zone Conference, so I´ll have to write on Tuesday, just to let you know, so you´re not waiting an email. But i´m doing really well here. It´s getting really hot, but the rain is refreshing us a little bit. But it´s been raining harder for longer than i´ve ever seen. I´ll make my list of what i´d like for my package, and i´ll send it the next week, because I hear around Christmas the packages take a lot longer. Thanks for everything! Hope all is well! Love you all, thanks for the support!

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