Wednesday, October 24, 2012


This week was really big! I hope you all remember Esteban y Mírian from a few weeks ago? The house that we were walking, and I just had a slight impression to go clap and we went, and they attended the conference? Well they have been coming to church for about a month now, and the week before last, we got all the arrangements for them to get married, and we paid for them to get married and everything! So on friday they got married, and we invited them to have a BBQ in their house, and we paid for that too, and this Saturday they´re going to get baptized! Wow, it´s so awesome! They are so humble, and so obediente, and really want to progress in the Church. We are literally seeing how the spirit is changing their lives. It´s so amazing how ready they were. They both gave up alcohol, Esteban stopped working sundays, and they are keeping every single other commandment. It´s amazing to see their progression. If you could all pray that they can get baptized this saturday please, it would be great. THanks for all the prayers. I can feel them.


It´s starting to get really hot here, but it´s been raining the past 3 days, so that helps a lot. But it´s extremely humid, which makes it hard to breathe, and we sweat even more in the humidity, but it´s nice to get out of the freezing cold. We have been traveling a lot this week, which is really fun. We had a few conferences this week in Oberá, Misiones, which is pretty close to my other area, and I love traveling and getting with all the other Elders, and it´s a lot of fun to get to know the other areas of the mission. But 3 weeks ago my mission president´s wife had a stroke, and she´s in Buenos Aires recuperating, so be sure to pray for her too please. The mission presidente is in Resistencia now, still managing the mission, and he goes to visit every once in a while, but he´s doing well. On Wednesday we had interviews with him via Skype, which was pretty interesting, but pretty funny. We also are teaching some really great people. Andrea Santarén. She´s a reference from a member, and she´s extremely sincere. She´s about 40 years old, and her husband works on a farm really far away, so he´s only here for about 15 days at a time, and she´s got 5 kids, so that´s pretty rough on her, but she´s really awesome, and she´s going to get baptized in 2 weeks we are hoping. We are also teaching some other really good people. My companion is finishing his mission this week, and he´s heading back to Peru, so that´s a little sad. We get along really well, and we work extremely well together. He´s a really great companion, and It´ll be a little hard, but i´m excited for a new companion and to get to know someone else!

Something I learned well this week: Sometimes we think about how much we are going to give the Lord. DON¨T. Give it all and he will teach us that no sacrifice to him is in vain. I learned that really well this week. We worked so hard I could barely walk last night basically! But I´m really happy about it. Thanks for all the support, and for the prayers. Hope all is well. love you all! Love Elder Allsup

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