Monday, July 2, 2012


Hey Everyone! First off, Mom, you were right, I am going to be in this area a really long time, I stayed in my area again! This will be my 5th transfer, which is a lot to be in one area! Everyone was surprised that I stayed, especially me! But i´m super excited now, because weve got a lot of baptisms lined up. This week was a great week for us! Plus I had my birthday and everything! It was great! And Elder Rogers, my companion from the MTC is in an area really really close to mine, just a few miles down the road! So im hoping ill be able to see him everyonce in a while, thatd be awesome!

Sounds like youth conference was a lot of fun! Sounds like everyone is doing well! those pictures of the water bombers are so sweet! I really want to do that when I get back. Maybe I´ll be the next pilot to drop all the water on the herriman fires!  Sounds like the 4th of july would have been fun! Hope you have good plans everyone. I didnt know the dodges were pregnant again! That is crazy! Tons of little boys crawling around! Thats awesome, cant wait to see them all.

My missionary plaque is getting a little bit red dirt stained, which is cool because here in teh mission, you can tell where the missionaries have been according to what color stains they have on their shirts and clothes and plaque, for example everyone that is in Misiones, like me, has their plaque like a dark red dirt stain, and its so sweet, I love it.  Im starting to look like one of the missionaries thats been here forever, like a veteran. Its pretty cool.  So about 4 weeks ago, we found a person, and they gave us a reference for other misionaries in a different area, anyways, we forwarded the reference, and came to find out that this last saturday, the reference we gave them got baptized! How cool is that! Because we passed a reference, someones life got changed. Imagine if we wouldnt have sent it. Were you able to find the songs on that yuotube video? did yuo watch it? Let me know if you can get the songs please!     

We had a baptism on Saturday, the coolest part, is the little kids birthday is June 30th, like mine, and we have been teaching his family for like 2 months now, and his parents are getting ready to get divorced with the people theyre married with now, and get married with eachother, so we are helping them there, but the little kid completed 8 years on saturday, and so we had his baptism which was awesome. He asked me to do it, which was so cool ,I got to baptize on my birthday! The picutres are pretty cool. We bought a cake and ice cream for both our birthdays and had a little birthday get to gether thing in the church after the baptism. It was pretty awesome. 

So you all remember the Family Almeida? The way awesome family we found,well they came to church again, and theyre all super excited to get baptized, except the 15 year old. On monday we went by, she didnt want to get baptized yet, so we assigned her a part in the book of mormon that talks a ton about baptism, and the impotance, and we went by on Thursday, without even starting the lesson, she said, "I read that part, I loved it, and I´m going to get baptized with my family" it was the coolest thing ever. It just showed me how powerful the Book of Mormon is, and how much it really can change our lives. It´s such an amazing aid to everyone, and I hope everyone is reading! We are also teaching that Bryan kid, He has 13 years and hes like a little pastor, bible mastor. Man he is always challenging us with our scriptures and all sorts of things like that, and he wants a big sign from God or hes not getting baptized, So thats pretty annoying of him to do that. But hes going to get baptized here in the next 2 weeks im sure.  For my birthday we got to eat with Mauricio and Sergio and their family , and it was a really fun day for me. All the members told me happy birthday and wished me a good day, and it was really cool.  Really good week! Hope everyone is well, and I love you all, thanks for all the support!

Oh, today we had Interviews with my mission presidente, and he told me something really cool, he looked and my missionary planner, and saw that i really like to write things down, and told me how cool that was, and that he admires that, and told me "The fadest ink is always better than the sharpest mind" I thought that was so cool. SO EVERYONE, WRITE THINGS DOWN SO YOU REMEMBER!! Love yuo all, thanks!

Elder Quynton Allsup

Posadas, Misiones  La Gran Mision Argentina Resistencia

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