Monday, July 23, 2012



First: The Family, with names from LEFT to RIGHT: Elder Allsup, Sergio (my convert), Maria Almeida (The Mom), Wendy(13), Aldana(15), Above is Brenda (9), and below is Abigail(8) and Elder Guest

Second: This is Aimar, he´s a convert of the other elders, but he always sits with me in Sacrament, he´s so awesome, I always let him wear my watch during church, and he comes up and gives me a hug every sunday

Third: A picture of all the Elders and All the converts and people baptizing, 12!!

Fourth: All the Baptizers, the Elders and our converts baptizing, with the grandma

Fifth: Same as 4 but different photo, not sure why I uploaded that one.

Sixth: All studly baptizers

Seventh: Me and Brenda coming out of the water after she got baptized.

Hey everyone!! I hope a lot of people can see these pictures! Such an awesome weekend we had!! First off, thanks so much for the watches, everyone compliments me, and I really like them a lot, and the songs are really awesome. I got them all organized and working, and it´s really awesome to have new music! Great idea with the Day of Celebration event, all the Latino Elders liked hearing the HAKKA one. It´s pretty awesome. 

On Saturday the Family Almeida got baptized!! 4 Baptisms! And the other Elders had 2 baptisms too, and so we decided we´d all baptize, (all the Elders) and the other two people to baptize, were: Sergio! and another convert of the other Elders! I don´t know if you remember but Sergio got the priesthood last week, and yesterday he was able to bless the sacrament, but he was able to baptize too, on Saturday. Ah it was so awesome to see one of my converts baptizing other converts of mine. I really learned this week that God answers prayers. To see the difference in this family, and the blessing of the gospel in their lives is such a big impact on me. They all go to seminary, they have attended about 4 activities of the ward already, and they have come every single sunday since we found them. 5 sundays without missing once.  It´s so awesome to see how the Light of Christ really can change people. Sergio now, is thinking about going on a mission, and he´s super excited to finish his year of being a member, and he´s going to go serve.  He´s so excited about the gospel, which is a huge difference. I wish you could all see how big of a difference he´s had. Before we met him, he was a wreck. Didn´t have any excitement, didn´t like talking to anyone, whenever we were at the house, he sometimes wouldn´t even look at us, and it´s just a miracle to see him now. How excited he is, and how excited the Family Almeida were. Thank you all so much for your prayers, I know it wouldn´t have been the same without them.  We are really feeling the love from the members now. They are trusting us a lot more, now that they are seeing how hard we´ve been working these past few months.  Before we got here, the members didn´t treat the missionaries really well. There had been some Elders that didn´t work very hard, and it was a mess, but it´s really nice to feel the love from everyone now.  On sunday, when we confirmed all 6 people, every Elder got to participate, and as they were getting confirmed, I got to participate once, and I literally could feel the spirit enter when he said, "Recibe El Espiritu Santo" It was a really cool experience for me, to remind me of the Gift that each of us members, who have the spirit, and how sacred of a gift it is. It really is the best, and most important gift we can receive in this life. I Really have a strong testimony now, of how powerful he is, and what he can do. I hope everyone takes a little time this week to remember how important the Holy Spirit is, and how much he can help us in our lives. I love you all so much, and I could really feel the love for each of you as I saw this family get baptized. We are all so close now, and I couldn´t hlep but think of my family and friends. THanks for everything, I love you all, Hope all is well. Love Elder Allsup

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