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On 7/23/2012 Trent Allsup <tejanoroo@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey Sir, how are you doing?  I hope you are feeling better, for me the

> worse times in my mission were when I got sick or hurt, they weren't

> very many times that that happened but when they did I hated them.  I

> am glad you are doing so well, I hope you get a chance to visit those

> falls before you get transferred, I really want to visit them when we

> come down.

> I got to teach the lesson for the combined priesthood meeting today

> and I just thought I might tell you what I learned today, I realized

> my greatest joy and happiness comes from making life better for others

> and I just wanted to suggest that you search for ways (big and small)

> to make life better for those you come in contact with, even if you

> may never see them again.  Do it for anyone, not just someone you may

> teach, find ways to fill your days with making life better and you

> will have great joy and success and people will be happier because of

> you.  People will start to do the same for others and you will make

> whole communities better and happier places.  I love you Quynn, thank

> you for your great example, Love you,Dad

Hey Dad, sorry for not responding the last week, I was organizing all

my pictures and music onto my flashdrives and things. How´s it going?

Yeah being sick was really crappy. It´s so sucky because you can´t do

anything in the mission when you´re sick. It´s not like you can just

sit home and watch The Office, or play Madden 2012! You just have to

sit there, and I got pretty tired of just reading, reading, reading,

reading and reading. That´s really cool you got to teach that class.

I shared that experience and what you learned with an Investigator we

have that is having a hard time being happy right now, and he really

took it to hard, and started tearing up as I was telling him. Thank

you so much for telling me that and for helping me. It really does

make sense. I always have the example you set for me to always help

other people, and I really appreciate it, and it´s a value in life,

that I consider to be one of the highest and most useful. Thanks Dad.

It´s one of those thigns, just like you said, that makes the world a

better place, and if there is a place that needs to have more

courtesy, it´s in the mission, when you give everything for everyone,

even though it´s extremely difficult.  Thanks for all your help dad, I

love you, hope all is well. How´s the greenhouse and htings? I´m

learning to speak really well. Not just how the people speak, but how

to gramatically speak really well, and it´s really showing a

difference between my castellano, and a lot of the other american

elders that haev been here for a year and a half or more. People are

telling me that they´ve thought i´ve been here for a few years! Which

isn´t to brag at all, but it helps to know that it´s paying off!

Thanks, Love you dad.

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