Monday, November 4, 2013


Hey everyone. This week was just crazy again. The mission got 22 new missionaries and we`re getting 31 in two days so we`re just slammed with a billion things to do, but this last week was cool because we had a dinner and we made Tacos with Gustavo and Matias the kids that got baptzed a few weeks ago, and we had 3 more baptisms on saturday!!! It was so awesome. The familia ayala, i`ll send pics when you gusy get here because I forgot my cord and stuff, so you`ll see all the pics of the last four weeks all at once. We talked with her last night and she has had almost all of her friends abandon her for getting baptized and she`s had such a hard time, but she said I promise to never abandon the church. I know what you have taught me is true and I know that I will not be happy if I don`t go to the church and learn about the gospel.... Wow how amazing is that? I am so excited for you mom and dad to meet her. She`s so excited to meet you. I haven`t told ANYONE here that I was finishing the mission yet, until yesterday in Fast and Testimony meeting I got up and bore my testimony and about half way through I said that this was my last sunday as a normal missionary, and as I lookeda round at all the shocked faces I almost started crying as I looked over at the mom of Gustavo and Matias as she started to cry, and then I looked over at a few other converts and they started to cry as well, and sheesh that was awful. But I was able to feel really comforted to know that I have been able to do my very very very best, and not regret anything.  It was really weird, because by not telling anyone this whole time, it was almost like I was tricking myself too haha, and it finally hit me last night that i`m basically done... it was a really wierd feeling of happy, sad, hope, and excitement, and just all the things you can imagine. We had interviews with Presidente on Saturday and as I walked in he basically just said, "Elder, i`m gonna see you in like a week, so we`re gonna make this quick" and he started laughing and then I started Laughing, so it helped a little to know that everything is gonna be okay. We are hoping to have a few more baptisms this week too, so i`m excited! I`m really excited for all these changes to happen, it`s like my whole life is going ot change again.  I can`t wait to see you all! Have a great week!

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