Monday, March 12, 2012


Picture is of our district at a district meeting! Us eating at a members house eating Churipan, it´s SOOO good, i can´t wait to make it for you. Us outside of our stake conference two weeks ago. Picture of us having some fun in the pension of the other elders and two silly pictures.
How is everyone? That last email seems pretty exciting that everyone is starting up new things! Dad´s business sounds like it´s coming along really well, you´ll have to send me a few photos when things are all the way up and going.
Tean, that´s so awesome that he got his eagle and is working out a lot. That´s more than what I can say, i´m trying to work out really hard in the mornings but it´s really hard because i´m so tired, but I still do them, we go play basketball a lot.
Tance, that´s awesome he´s playing rugby, that sounds like a lot of fun, you´ll have to film all the games so I can watch them when I get back. Sawyer, congrats with the Beehive and the youth coucel stuff! That´s going to teach you so much and ít´ll be so much fun I bet!
I hope Tean and Tance made that Misison List I told you to a while ago, because i´ve got some more stuff to add to it right now: Buy a 16GB Flash Drive, because you´re going to want all the documents and music and pictures from the other elders, I just bought one last week, and it´s awesome to have to be able to back up all your pictures and music and all that stuff. Also start looking for a hand bag that you can carry, at least for me, I don´t need that shoulder bag right now, it´s just too hot, and we only need our scriptures, not our preach my gospel, so start looking for a little bag you can carry that will fit a BofM a Bible and an extra BofM for the investigators, plus some room for some pamphlets, and that works well for me at least. THe shoulder bag is great for Pday when we have to carry some things and groceries and stuff, and for when we travel, but for every day proseliting and things i just have that little hand bag.
Last week I bought a sweet Argentina Jersey, i´ll include a picture next week when I can, and hopefully you get the pictures i´ll attach this week. The baptism we have planned FELL THROUGH AGAIN, becasue the kids dad has cancer, and they had to travel to go see him, but we talked to the mom, and she said we will have it this week no matter what.
Plus we have another family of 3 kids we´re going to baptize, which is really good because it´s a family of 11 and we are reactivating the whole family, and baptizing as well. We are finally starting to find the people that are ready. This week we found 3 different families with the parents less active, and the kids need to be baptized, which I found out that basically what this mission is all about, Baptize teh kids, and reactivate the family.
I found out about 80% of our baptisms are like that, and it´s really cool to see the parents come back to church, and feel that gospel in their lives again. This week I´m transfering all my pictures and music and thigns so sorry the email isn´t really long, but next week I´ll include the stories of all the baptisms and the stories of hte families and how we found them. HOpe everyone is doing well, thanks for everything, Love you all. Nos Vemos, suerte

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