Monday, March 5, 2012


Thanks for all the advice about the emergency stuff, i´ll do that today. Next time i´ll upload a few photos that we took today in the main city, they´re pretty cool, but my camera battery just died sorry, or else i´d do them today.

I still can´t beleive Tean is trying to pick a college, that just sounds so weird and i don´t feel old enough to have a younger brother ready for college! And Tance, that´s awesome you´re playing rugby, it sounds like a lot of fun. Sawyer, I hope you like the new highlights in your hair! You need to send me a picture so that I can see them!

Not a whole lot happened this week. It rained like crazy, but now theSun is out and since it rained so much the humidity is pretty atrocious. The baptism got cancelled again this week, because his mom got called in to work, so this next week we´re hoping for a double baptism with another kid we found, and then next week we´ve got a family baptism planned, so hopefully all that works out.

Today we went to the big city, and to the placita and I bought some awesome stuff, and a Jersey that i´m pretty excited about. The language is coming along much better every day, and it´s not SO frustrating anymore. I can have a pretty regular conversation now with people, so that makes me excited and i don´t have to worry as much. I still have a while to go until i´ll be able to be completely independent, but for now the progress is coming at a good rate, and i´m pretty happy about it.

I found out that you can actually still DearElder me if you want, and I get them the same week, or a week after depending on when you write them, so if anyone wants to do that, tell them that is an awesome way to write me, or they can just do a letter. But the dear elder is really nice because it´s just one piece of paper, and it´s free. So tell people to do that when they ask.

This week was pretty regular, not a whole lot happened that I can think of. It was a little frustrating with that baptism falling through, but we´re still working really hard.

Oh and I found out my companion lied to me, this is hislast transfer! But he didn´t want to tell me because he didn´t want me to think that he wasn´t going to work hard or that he´d be lazy because he´s almost home. So this is his last month, and I think i´m going to send a few things with him to give you all, or at least some letters, rather than me having to send them from here and them take forever.

Sorry this isn´t a whole lot I know, but next week will be better with the photos and things like that. Thanks for all the emails, keep them coming. Tell everyone I love them, and that i´m proud of them. NosVemos, Chau

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