Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hey Everyone, thanks for all the emails and the stories, I love hearing about what everyone is doing and how things are going! It sounds really exciting all the ball games that are happening, and that Tean is looking for a college, that is crazy! Hopefully i´ll be able to respond to those individually but we´ll see.

The baptism didn´t end up happening this week, the mom had to work and so hopefully this week we can do it this friday. This friday we have 2 baptisms planned and so far so good with both, and hopefully we won´t have any more problems with those. This coming Saturday is stake conference here, but the Stake conference is really hard to do because the wards are pretty far apart, so our ward has to travel about a half hour to the other chapel, so hopefully all goes well there.

Sorry I didn´t email yesterday, it was a holiday and here everyone is home for the holidays, so our mission president wants us to go work, so if you ever don´t get emails on Monday, it´s because of that.

Last Tuesday I saw a huge spider start to make its web, and instead of killing it, i decided just to watch because i´ve never seen a spider make a web before, and it was actually fascinating! I´m sitting there in a lesson and this spider is just flying around making this enormous web, and I won´t lie, I wasn´t paying attention to the lesson at all because I was just so fascinated with what was happening, but don´t worry, the lesson was with a member, we were helping him write his talk for sunday, so nobody´s eternal salvation is at stake. But it was so cool! I don´t know how they know how to make them, but if you ever get the chance to watch one, watch it. It´s awesome.

This week I had the >Bishop´s wife cut the sleeves shorter on my shirts, and that helped a lot with the heat. My sleeves were really long and started to annoy me really bad with the sweat, but now that´s fixed so the heat is a little more bearable.

On Wednesday we were waking back from our last visit for the day, it´s hot, about 9:26 pm, and we were really really tired and it was dark and we were just trying to get home, when all of a sudden these really really drunk guys call us over there. So we walk over and just start greeting them and all of a sudden as i´m greeting one of them with a handshake, he pulls my hand up to his face and he kissed my hand. It was the nastiest thing on earth with his beer lips and a little spit was left on my hand after, and it was discusting. But we took down all their addresses and we´re going to go teach them all haha, maybe one of them is ready for the gospel right now in their life. Hopefully not the hand kisser though, that was just weird.

Here it´s also custom to kiss cheeks when you greet people, but of course the missionaries can´t do that, so we have to try really hard to make it known that we can´t do it, but almost everyone does´, and you don´t want to look rude or make them feel awkward, so ´that´s a litlte bit of a challenge but This week i got kissed.... it was really awkward, not just because i haven´t even touched any type of woman for 4 months, but i don´t know. haha hopefully it never happens again. My companion taught me some tricks that we can use to get out of it, which before he conveniently didn´t tell me about of course. ha.

But earlier this week a few people died from the heat because they didn´t get enough water. It´s actually really common that people die here because it´s just too hot, its not healthy at all to be in the sun, but we do our best to drink water. Our mission president last week told us each missionary has to have like 8 gallons of water handy, and there have been a lot of power outages lately so we finally bought that and we feel better.

I think something bad is going to happen here. Last night I had a dream that an earthquake hit, and I think that the people here are so wicked that something like that is going to happen. But we´re going to be prepared if it does.

I did hear about that huge train wreck, but that was near Buenos Aires I´m pretty sure, which is really far from us, but it´s still really sad. This week on Friday night we were teaching a big family, and in the middle of the lesson we got a call from the zone leaders and they said that all the police officers went on strike, and so we had to return to the pension early because riots were going on and people were going crazy and lighting cars on fire and stuff. That actually scared us a little, because we were on the farthest outer edge of our area, about a half hour walk to get back to the pension, and we had to cross the main road through the town, but we made it back safe and nothing happened, but it was pretty nerve racking.

Saturday it started raining really really really hard. So much water was being dumped and everything got soaking wet. Luckily one of the members gave me an umbrella, and luckily we went back to put our boots on, so personally I was fine, but as we were walking back that night, we saw a car off the side of the road, and they were trying to get it out of the mud, and it was 9:45, so we were supposed to be back at the pension at 9:30, but we decided to go help them. So we walk over there, and their little tiny mazda is just buried in this sink hole of mud and the guys getting it out didn´t know what they were doing, and they were covered in mud. But we started to help them and manuever the car, and each time the wheels turned the mud came up and just splattered all over us. We got so wet, and muddy, and dirty that it was crazy! But we finally got him out and he offered to give us money, but instead he´s just going to give us lunch this week, and we´re going to go teach him. Hopefully there was a reason he got stuck and just so happened that two big tall white guys came to help him. Maybe he´s a chosen one to get baptized! We´ll have to see. But that was pretty fun.

Cleaning the pension today isn´t going to be fun because of all the mud we got everyone, and all our clothes that are stained, but a little bleach should do the trick. I think that´s all for today, thanks for all the support and for everything. Good luck with all that´s going on. I pray for everyone every night! Next week i´ll be able to send some more personal emails so seeya in a week. Chau, nos vemos

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