Monday, February 20, 2012


Today is a holiday here, so I don´t have as much time as usual to write, so sorry this is´n´t going to be super long! BUt, Not a whole lot to report this week, other than it was really long, and really really hot, and it was pretty difficult.

We went on our first transfers this week, so I went with another companion and my companion went with the district leader, and that was a Little interesting. The companion that i went with, his name is Elder Pusey, and he´s from colorado, and he´s gota round 5 months here on the misión, so he doesn´t speak very well at all, and we were trying to communicate with all the investigators that he had planned. It was also rough because I had to go to their area, so I didn´t know anyone, and it was a really really poor area. Most of the people we visited didn´t have really anything, and it was pretty humbling.

But we met quite a few drunk guys that we got their addresses and we´re going to go teach them this week, so that´s good. Oh and yesterday we had 10 people at church! It was so awesome. The people we brought made up about one fourth of the congregation, and the bishop was really excited. We have our first baptism planned for this Saturday, it´s a boy named Gerardo, and he´s 11 years old, and he´s so awesome. He reads every night, and through him we are going to reactivate his family which has been inactive for a little while now. Every time we go over to his house his mom makes us this juice that is so good! Each time is a different kind, and last night it was pinapple with tons of pulp, and it tasted so good! So this saturday we are going to baptize him, and we are finally finding people that are ready for the Gospel. Finding people that are keeping the committments and finally showing us they´re willing to learn more, and I hope things start going a little better from here on out.

For the 17 of March we have around 8 people´s baptisms planned, so that should be a really good weekend, and we´re praying and fasting really hard for the people. We are finding famalies now too, which makes me a lot happier, because as a family getting baptized together would be a really great blessing.

The food here is getting a little bit bette every week, and i´m not sure if it´s because i´m getting used to it, or if it´s because i´m gaining weight! Haha I think i´ve put on a few pounds, which this week is going to change, there is a little basketball court and my companion has a basketball so we´ve been playing that a little bit every morning, and that´s pretty fun. But I think i´m starting to get into ¨the groove¨ now, and things aren´t SO new anymore, and my castellano is improving a lot, and I can communicate pretty well.

We are really trying to strenghten the ward a lot, and right now we´re trying to think of activities that we can do for the ward to strenghten them, so I need your ideas, what are some things we could do for ward activities? Thanks for all the support, I love you all, and Hope all is well

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