Monday, February 6, 2012

Pictures 2-6-2012

Here a few pictures from leaving the MTC and arriving in the mission home, sorry i know i´ve said i was going to attach some every week, but we haven´t had a good computer or a good technique, but i found one now, so next week i´ll have some more.

Thanks for all the support, tell everyone that letters are much better than email, because i can ONLY email my direct family, and nobody else, so just tell them they have to send me a letter, and i have plenty of time to send letters, so let them know it takes a few weeks for me to get the letter, then a few for them to receive mine, so i´ll just start doing that, thanks for everything, i´m doing great, and i´m loving it here, so no need to worry or stress. I love you all and pray for you every night. Nos Vemos, Chau
So Trent and I are guessing these pictures are: where someone they teach sleep? The resistencia airport with Elder Rogers (MTC companion). A building where they have thier noche de hugar, and the last is a picture with Elder Taylor (current companion)

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