Monday, February 6, 2012


Hola Familia Not a whole lot happened this week, but a few things were pretty cool. Mostly we´re just working really hard, sweating an enormous amount, and eating too much for lunch haha.

On Thursday we had another Noche De Hogar where people from the ward come to a members house and we have a little lesson and stuff like that, but this one was half a birthday party too, but it was our turn to do the lesson, so that was fun. It was my turn to start talking and I just talked about how important families are. I keep a picture of our family in my scriptures too, because the investigators and the families always want to see my family, so I keep one in with my scriptures, anyways, i pulled that out, and they all loved it. It was hilarious too because I pulled it out, and went through and told everyone the names, and the ages and thigns like that, and then I made them all try to say the names, and it was probably the funniest thing i´ve ever seen in my life. Nobody could say any of the names. Then they all wanted to know what their names are in English, so we told them all their names, and it was just a lot of fun.

Then after, for some odd reason the members love giving us food, so the lady gave us a ton of cake which we´re still trying to eat, but it´´s very good, so i don´t mind.

We have been having a little bit of trouble with getting our investigators coming to church, but this week we were really surprised, because the 3 that came, were the 3 we didn´t expect to come. And last night we went to his house, and asked him how it went, and he´s really excited, he said he felt the spirit in the chapel, and he knows this is right for him in his life, and for his kid. His wife is already amember, but she has been inactive for aobut 20 years, and so hopefully through him, we can get the whole family activated in the next few weeks, and strengthen the ward. The ward here is a little bit weak right now, so we´re really trying to activate everyone, and get a lot of attendance each sunday, and that´s kind of our main focus right now.

Two nights ago we were welcomed back to our appartment to thousands of ants that had for some reason thought it was okay to invade our appartment, but we exterminated them rather nicely with a little bit of acohol and fire, (i´ll try to upload the video). And then this morning we were under attack again by these ants. It was actually funny because i´m reading in the last few chapters of Alma about when all the wars happened, and the 2,000 stripling warrios, and how Mornoni built up his cities with huge barriers and he was really defended, and we feel a little like the nephites right now, with how numerous the lamanites were, but we´re still under attack as of today, so we´re going to go buy some stuff haha.

The last few days have rained like crazy, and the rain here is just absolutely insane, and it´s amazing the amount of water that drops. It just soaks everything, but thankfully we don´t have any leaks or anything in the pension, so we´re doing good, and the rain cools us off a little bit. The families are really accepting of us lately for meals, and they all seem to want us to come over for some reason, and we had to make like a sign up sheet because there are so many.

Right now we just received a new area added to the one we have, so the area we have is huge and we´re walking like crazy every day, but it´s good because we eat so much. Elder Tayler has had ingrown toenails really bad this last week, so for last p day we went to the plaza to get them takenout, and we wasted about 7 hours waiting and walking trying to find somewhere, but nobody would do it, so we wasted all that time just to have a member do it that night, so today is going to be really nice to relax a little more.

Food is really good, we have enough to snack on each night and in the morning. I´m going to buy more stuff though because i keep running out haha. Yes i´m drinking enough water, i have to pee every hour it seems like. I am just drinking the tap water, my body is used to in now and it´s not dirty at all, so it´s just fine.

We think this week is going to be really good because our last one was a little bit rough, so hopefully next week i´ll have a little more to say. I´m going to try to answer all those questions from before, so i´ll send another email after this one. Love you all thanks for the support.

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