Monday, June 11, 2012



The first photo is of Mauricios birthday, we had some cake and I gave him a watch!

The other few are of our pension!

How is everyone doing?

Sawyer- That thing about tances team and the pants is hilarious, all my companions laughed when I told them hahaha. First, mom, did you send the package US Postal Service? This week I found out my companion has Gardia! That´s why he has been really sick lately haha. He throws up all the time, but he doesn´t really feel sick, but that explains why, because he´s got a bug in him now.  Yesterday we had a good sacrament meeting, and it was cool to hear all the testimonies of everyone. It´s really cool how much they testify of all the missionaries, and how greatful everyone is that their ward has 2 sets of missionaries, because it´s pretty rare that a ward has 2 pairs of missionaries here, and it´s really cool to see how many people we´ve been able to activate, and to physically see the attendance grow each week. The family of Esteban Vallejos, the kid we baptised last week is already becoming active, and she asked us how she can start paying her tithing! Same with mauricio´s mom. It´s such a cool blessing. Even though it´s not a baptism, it still gives me the same joy and happiness in seeing a less active reactivate themselves.  Even though we have to correct a lot of hte members, and some of the thigns they say, or do in the church, it´s still really fun being there. It´s a little difficult because if they are teaching a lesson, and they say something that isn´t true, or something that is against what they should say, we have to make sure it´s very clear and then we have to tell them how it really is, which sometimes is a little hard because I love these people so much, and I don´t want them to get offended.  I Don´t think they get offended, but still. I´m really starting to lose myself in the work now. It´s hard to even remember what day it is, and what month it is even. I can´t believe how fast the time is flying by!  I love Argentina so much. I can´t wait to bring you all back here and show you all the cool things here.  It´s pretty cool to think that I´m here, Tanner is in Fiji, Aaron is in Japan, and McKay is going to Oklahoma. And when Josh gets his call he´ll be somewhere in the world, and Westley is in California, and all the other places our little friend group is going! It´s really cool to see how everyone is slowly getting further and further apart, and that we´re all starting out lives and doing what the Lord wants us to do.  Sorry it isn´t much today, but thanks for all the support!

The family reunion sounds like so much fun!  Sounds like there are a lot of thigns getting done in the back yard! SOunds like it´s going to be pretty awesome when I get back!  And it sounds like we´ll have a new Ford Explorer! That would be sweet!  Thanks for sending me the ideas for the activity, we´re definitely going to do it, sounds like it´ll be great!  Sounds like you´ve all got some fun plans for the summer, and the lagoon! I miss lagoon a lot.  But the mission is much cooler :) Thanks for putting all the package together for everything, and thanks for always helping me out with everything.  I love you all, sounds like all is well there, i´m going to be writing some letters home, and hopefully they get there! Love you all. Nos Vemos

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