Monday, June 18, 2012


Hola Everyone,

Mom- Thanks for all the package, I haven´t got it yet but i´m sure it took you forever, and Thanks for sending me all the pictures! I know it takes a lot of time to do things like that.They are all awesome, and everyone looks so much bigger! Especially Tance! Holy Crap it´s weird looking at him! That´s insane that his foot is broken! Is it his ankle or like his foot or? Sounds pretty cool. That´s cool he gave a talk, sounds like it was pretty good, wish I could have seen it, you´ll have to send me a copy of it or something.  I hope everyone had a good father´s day, it was pretty good here, other than all the drunk people. People here for holidays just use it as an excuse to get drunk and party a lot with a ton of loud music. 

Sounds like Tean is doing well with his job! Congradulations that he´s almost working full time, sounds like it´ll help him a lot, and hopefully he´ll have a ton of money saved up. Tean, you should really start a savings account, so that you don´t waste your money. I wish I would have done mine earlier, it really really helps a ton not to have to wait till the last minute to buy things, or not to have money when opportunities come up.  I really think you should do one, and really try to manage your money really well, that´s something I know that I´m going to do better when I get back. Mom and Dad manage their money really well, and it´s something I look up to them for, and we should all feel really blessed to have parents that can teach us such a huge thing in life. 

That´s awesome dad got "Dad of the Year". I would give him the same award! Thanks for everything dad, you really have taught me things that i´ve used in the mission more than I can account for. I have literally seen with other Elders the lack of parenting in their habits, and their work ethic, and I´m really thankful to have a dad that has taught me how to work hard, efficient, and that work doesn´t have to be "work", and that you can have fun, and I´ve been able to use that a lot here in the mission, so thank you very much for that, and all the other things you´ve taught me. I´ve not been scared of anything in my life, because of what you´ve taught me, and i´ve always been able to go after the things i´ve wanted in life, and been able to achieve, because you´ve taught me not to care what poeple think, and what others say. I´ve been able to acheive quite a bit until now in my life, and I owe almost all of it to you, and to mom for helping me understand so many life principles. So thank you so much for everything you´ve done for me.  

Sawyer, stop growing up! My companion and the other Elders from my apartment saw a picture of you and now they won´t leave me alone, saying how they´re going to marry you and you´re going to go live in their countries! haha it´s pretty funny. That´s really cool of you to clean Tance´s and Koa´s rooms.  Thanks for all the things you´ve done for me to help out too. 

Last week in Centro, we went with the other Edlers, and I love haggling so much, and i´m so good at it that They all have me haggle for them to get them awesome deals, and I love haggling so much I get myself in trouble, because I get them to drop the price so much, I can´t help but buy the thing, even when I only started to haggle just for fun, haha. I learned that In Guatemala, and It´s cool to be able to do it! 

 It still hasn´t cooled down a whole lot yet. Still sweating a lot, but this week it rained like pretty much the whole week, and it was pretty brutal. The humidity just absolutely kills me. It´s like almost painful! Nobody does ANYTHING when it rains here. I mean nothing. Not even let us in. Not even the members let us in sometimes! It´s pretty brutal when it rains, and it´s a big toll on the mission work.  But all in all this week wasn´t too bad, it was pretty fun and I learned a lot of things. It´s pretty funny, every time we teach Sergio, he comes and gives us a Huge hug and thanks us for everything. I love it haha. He´s such an awesome person, and he´s so thankful for us for helping him and bringing him to the truth. Nothing makes me never want to stop being a missionary more than that feeling. 

Earlier this week we did Divisions with the Zone Leaders, and I got to know their area, and it was really cool. We went to a hospital to give a member a blessing, and it was so nice inside that it was the most at home i´ve felt so far in Argentina. I couldn´t beleive it!!  And we gave him a blessing at it was really cool, and it taught me a lot how much it means to people.

Last Night we went to one of our investigators house to teach, his Name is Carlos Dasilva and his wife and kids. They aren´t married, but the´re trying to get married, because he´s still married with another woman, and he´s trying to get baptized, and he´s read the book of mormon 2 times already without being a member. He´s basically a member, but just lacks the title haha. 

But anyways, his son was there, and Let me try to describe his son. Simply: He´s easily, (Not exagerating at all) literally over 320 lbs, and he was a tiny bit drunk, and he began to tell us all the things he does to his family. He beats them, he leaves them for a few days without food and things, and he´s a complete tool. But anyways as he was talking I was getting a little fired up because of the thigns he was telling us, so I started to get a little irritated and start telling him all the thigns he´s doing wrong, and start giving him scriptures that basically just condemn him, and he starts to get a little angry, because he doens´t like that a little white boy is telling him he´s going to hell if he doesn´t stop, but the cool thing, was I wasn´t scared at all. It didn´t occur to me he was about 2342424 times my size, but for soem reason I wasn´t scared. And I was really bold with him, and it felt really good. It was a cool experience, however if i had the chance to do it again, I think i´d pass.  But the mom was really happy that I did that, she thanked us for at least being bold with him and telling him the things he´s doing aren´t okay. That was pretty cool.  But anyways, sounds like everyone is doing really well, I love you all, and I hope all is well, thanks for everything, if anyone needs anything let me know! Seeya next week, Nos Vemos!   

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