Monday, June 4, 2012


Hey Everyone, not a whole lot this week, sorry! I sent some photos in the other email of the baptism we had this week, hope you like them! His name is Esteban, and hes really awesome! His family are all members but inactive, and we are working with them to activate them all so thats really good.  The mission made a really cool Video, go to youtube and type in: La Mision Argentina Resistencia - May 2012

Im not sure if thats exactly it but you can play around until you find it. We forgot to send in all our baptisms so im not in it yet, ill be in th enext one, but its still really really cool to see, i want everyone to go watch it! And mom or dad, can you please find the songs on it somehow, or maybe ask Charli to do it, I know she´d do it, by the lyrics or by a music recognizer or somethign and find the entire albums to the songs, and send those to me somehow? By email or something please? It has some really cool pictures of argentina, and some awesome other stuff. We are going to send our pictures so that we are in the next one. 

Also, will someone please send me a ton of screenshots of my blog? I would really like to see it. Tons of pictures of all the pages and how its set up and stuff please? I would like to see how it looks and what the people are seeing! Like the homepage and stuff!

Yesterday for church, we brought the family of Esteban, the kid that got baptized, and the family is 14 in total, 2 parents and 12 kids! But the mom was there in church, everyone is in their propriate clases for ages, and then one of the primary teachers runs in my class, and tells us that one of the kids ran out of the church. He ran like 2 blocks down teh street, and we were running like as fast as we could to catch him haha, and when we caught him he was bawling and was running home. And the best part, was that it was raining really hard the whole day, and as im running to get him, i slip in the mud, and got all muddy.... again! I have fallen like 5 times in the mud in my mission! But it was pretty funny.  But thats about all I have this week, sorry! Thanks for all the support, love you all, have a great week, im proud of you all for all the things mom is telling me! Tean is graduating and stuff, thats awesome, good job! Keep going strong!

Love Elder Allsup

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