Monday, December 10, 2012


Sounds like everyone is doing well!! Sorry I haven´t sent any pictures for a little while, the computers have been a little crappy lately and I can´t figure out what´s going on. I´m not able to hook up my memory cards to the computer or my camera either. Really weird, but i´ll figure it out. I´m hoping it´s just the computer i´m using. So my mission president´s wife a few months ago had a stroke, and she´s been recovering in Buenos Aires, but this last week she was well enough to go back to the states, so my mission presidente and his wife went back to the states, and they´ll be there for a few months, but they didn´t release him, they just basically have a "substitute teacher" in right now, and his name is Presidente Digiovanni, which is pretty cool. He seems really awesome, I haven´t gotten the chance to meet him yet though. So if you could all keep Presidente and Hermana Heyman in your prayers that would be great, so that they can come back without problems.

This last week we did a family night with my converts Maria y Evelyn y Ruth, and Esteban y Miriam, which was a blast. We did a cool little game where everyone has a piece of paper, and I give them directions on what they have to draw, but they aren´t really specific, and it ends up that they have to draw a person, but nobody ever gets it right because I throw them off so much, and it´s hilarious to see what everyone draws, and then we relate it on how Prophets are so important, because even though The Bible and things have all we need, sometimes we need more specific directions. And so we read about prophets and how important they are, and it´s really fun. I´ve done it quite a few times here in Argentina with family nights. IT´s something I learned when I was still in primary like 10 years ago. We did it, and it´s always just stuck, and it´s a lot of fun. The Hermana Maria taught us how to make Pasta Frola too, which is a really good dessert that they eat here, adn it´s my favorite dessert, and it´s amazing, so now I know how to make it, and ii´m excited to make it all for you.

Last night, we also got to try Carpincho! I don´t know if you know what that is, but it´s supposedly Capibera or somethign like that in english, and it´s not really found in the states. Maybe you can look it up and see if you can find a picture, but it´s like a big otter looking thing, and it´s pretty famous here because they hunt it a lot, and i´ve ALWAYS wanted to try it, and finally last night a member invited us over to try it, and it was extremely good. I loved it. You just aren´t argentine until you´ve eaten Carpincho. So now I just need to try aligator, and i´ll basically be full Argentine! Haha but no it was really good, and I was really excited about being able to try it.

I´m planning some really cool Christmas ideas for here in this area too, which will be really fun. I´ll be sure to send a lot of pictures and things, but right now i´m planning on giving out a lot of gifts to my converts and hte members here. Like All the testimonies you all gave me last year, i´ve saved them for until now, and i´m going to translate them all and give them to the members or people that are struggling, and i´m going to film it, and theyll love it. I´m also planning on giving away a ton of the pictures and little fotos i´ve got of all the temples and of Jesus Christ and the pencils and CTR rings and all the little htings i´ve got, so that´ll be awesome, and i´ll be sure to send photos. Also we are planning to have a really cool activity where we make tons of sugar cookies with all the cookie cutters that Grandma gave to me. I´m going to make a ton of dough, and we´re going to let the members cookie cut it and decorate them with all the things she sent me. So i´m really excited about that.

This week was really successful for us. Now that i´m Senor companion i´m having to figure out my style of working, and i´ve finally found "my groove" to say it like that. This week we sent a ton of members to go look for people sunday morning to go to church, and we had a wonderful attendance. More than we´ve had in a long time. so that was really cool to be able to find my style and to see the success. We found a really cool lady named Celia, she´s got 4 kids and she´s like 25 years old without a husband and lives with her mom. We just felt like clapping her house, and she almost started crying right in the first lesson because she needed us so badly. And she went the very first sunday that we invited her, so we´re really excited about her. Please pray for her, and for Sole and Alberto, and Guillermo. Those are the people we´re teachign right now, and i´m running out of time to tell you all about them, but they´re great. I love you all, thank you so much for everything, I hope all is well. Stay strong, and enjoy this wonderful Christmas season! It´s almost 120 degrees here already, so enjoy the cold! Haha I love you all, have a wonderful week. Thanks for everything. Love Elder Allsup

Elder Quynton Allsup

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