Tuesday, December 25, 2012

December 24 2012

First photo is of when we ate that amazing Brazilian lunch!!


Second photo is of me and my new companion Elder Landires


Third is of me and Elder Christensen, he went to my high school and we were good friends, he´s in my zone! ASK TEAN HE´LL KNOW WHO HE IS!! Elder Christensen remembers him!


Fourth Photo, i´m with Guillermo, the special kid that we´re going to baptize this weekend, he´s so awesome, and super excited


Fifth Photo is of the activity we did on Saturday, with the mom of Guillermo, she´s so awesome, I love that family so much! which turned out amazing the activity


Sixth photo, same thing, but with the dad of Guillermo


Seventh with other members, some converts after a few months!


Eighth is some members with the cookies!


Ninth is the same, but with my convert, Evelyn on the left


Tenth is of the little kids putting on the frosting


11th también


12th is Maria, Evelyn and Ruth, my converts.... SO AWESOME I love them so much. Have this photo ready when I call you!


13th is of Me and companion and Ruth, not sure why Ruth looks like she has a demon inside of her!


14th is of me and some of the little kids, they were helping me out with the cookies hahaha


15th is of me and lots of the women members. THe one standing up next to me is Celia, the one that is preparing to be baptized!


16th is of me and a Pasta Frola, that my convert Maria gave to us, that´s my favorite argentine dessert... she makes them better than any i´ve ever tried before



How´s everyone doing! I´m doing really great. This last Saturday we had our Christmas activity with the sugar cookies, like we always do at Grandma´s house, and everyone absolutely loved it!! I sent a lot of pictures, but seriously everyone had such a blast. It was awesome because during the day, we went to a member´s house to bake all the cookies, and to cut them all out and use the cookie cutters and things, and there were about 5 little kids helping me, and I´m pretty sure I was covered in about 4 pounds of flour afterwards, but it was hilarious. I just kinda let them do their own thing, and the cookies actually turned out great. They tasted good and the kids had a blast. The funny thing was, I was kinda just focused on the decorating part, but the adults started to try all the cookies that their kids were making, and almost one by one came and asked me for the recipe and how to make them, and the frosting too. So I´m thinking that this week we´re going to do another activity to show everyone how to make them and all that. It was such a great time. It was cool too because Maria, my convert basically organized the whole activity by herself. On Thursday all the women got together and made a lot of the desserts, and then they all brought them for Saturday night. There were 3 huge pizzas, and music and drinks and all sorts of awesome stuff. It was fun to see all the members interact with eachother. Plus Celia, the investigator that is going to get baptized next week went with all her kids, and her kids seemed to have a great time, especially decorating. I´m pretty sure they each decorated like 4 to give to her, and she didn´t have any more room to hold them haha.


But this morning I was studying a little bit about when the Savior was born, and I got onto a cool track of scriptures that I was able to find some interesting things that taught me a lot about him, and his life, and his role in our lives. I first started reading in Lucas, and then I somehow got to Ether 12:11 I think it is, where it talks about how Christ is "The more excellent Way" (Not sure if that´s the right scripture,so if i´m wrong sorry) And I was reading about how Christ literally is the most immense, and maximum gift that our Heavenly Father could ever give to us. He really is the way to reach the most eternal happiness known among all of the universe, the Gods, and eternity itself. As I began to comprehend that a little bit more, I really began to love my Savior even more, and began to recognize his influence in my own life. I hope that this Christmas we can all take a second to think about the importance. I know everyone says that every single Christmas, but it´s important. It´s not to say that the gifts, and the music, and the food aren´t important, but it really does make a difference if we can all take a second to recognize the true importance of the Savior in our lives, and what he really accomplishes for us. I love each of you so much, and i´m so thankful to my Heavenly Father for each of you, and your influences in my life. I´m really excited to talk to you, and I hope that we can all talk and have a great time tomorrow.


Tonight we get to be out until 11 so we are able to visit more members and be with more of them, and actually get to eat, because here in Argentina The 24 of December is celebrated as Christmas, and tomorrow isn´t really a huge deal, so everyone does all their partying and festivities today. So i´ve been able to prepare some really cool gifts for some of the families we´re really close to, and i´ll be sure to take pictures for next week. I love you all, I hope all is well, and hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!! I know I sure will!

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