Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Hola a Todos! Como están? This week was a pretty good week. Yesterday was really cool, because Esteban got to bless the sacrament for the first time, and he did awesome! It was so cool. When he got done he looked over at me, and I just gave him a thumbs up and he had a huge smile! He´s so awesome. He invited us over to have a BBQ at his house, but the type of BBQ where they just make a huge fire, and put a grill rack with a ton of raw meat and just let it cook for like an hour over the coals, and it was so delicious. Me and my companion made empanadas of chicken today, all from scratch. We made the dough and everything, and they turned out great. Can´t wait to make them for all you guys! Me and him are thinking of starting an Argentine restaurant when we both get back. Well when I get back, he goes home in a week. But we make such good food. Seriously i´m pretty sure we could sell the food we make for some pretty good money. Especially bread. We´ve gotten really good at making bread.

This week was pretty cool, because we´ve been visiting all the less actives, and we´ve been meeting some great people. This week we visited like at least 15 less active members, and this week about 10 of them came to church. Which was a really cool miracle to know that the Lord has plans, and he really can use us, even if it´s just a little lesson of 20 minutes, and how it can change a lot of people´s week. It´s amazing to see how the Lord can use us as just little tiny tools, to really make such a difference in others´ lives. Just like he´s done with each of you in my own life. I can remember distict times with many of you, especially my family, where someone did something extremely tiny for me, and they probably didn´t even realize it was a big deal, but it changed my whole day, or my whole perspective, and it really helped. I really encourage everyone to look for those little opportunities. It really doesn´t have to be something big. My companion is a really good example of that, and he´s taught me a lot, in the sense of that. Sometimes he´ll just do cool little things, and it just changes a lot, my whole day sometimes. Sometimes he´ll wash the dishes when it´s my turn, or sometimes he´ll just make something to share, or sometimes he´ll do some other tasks that we usually take turns on. Just tiny little things, but they make a huge difference, it´s pretty interesting how different it is. So try it. Everyone. Try doing something little for a few people this week, and see how things go, it´s pretty crazy the differences you´ll see.

This last saturday I got a little sick. After lunch we got back to the pension, and all of a sudden out of nowhere I got a fever of 102, which is pretty bad when it´s already like 100 degrees outside and you don´t have air conditioning, so inside doens´t make a huge difference. It´s all gone now, but it was a little weird, just basically that day and a tiny bit yesterday were really severe, but now i´m completely fine. I think my body was just telling me to slow down a little and rest for a second. Which I think is probably good for each of us every once in a while to just take a break and rest! Take a break, make yourself something good to eat, and just rest without thinking of all the things that stress you out. Try just opening up the scriptures to any single page, and figure out what our Heavenly Father wants you to learn from that page. I´ve done that a few times this week and i´ve actually had some pretty cool little experiences with it. Dad always taught me that the Book of Mormon only has a very tiny amount of content for how much could have been put into it with all the records that the people had back then, so what all is there is of the most importance. Try reading the scriptures that way. Try to treat every single page like Mormon put it in the book for you specifically, and try to figure out why it´s there, and how it can benefit you. It´ll change your views, and you´ll have experiences like you´ve maybe never had before reading the scriptures. I love you all, and i´m so thankful for each of you, and for always supporting me. Thank you for all your prayers, i´ll need them this summer. It´s GETTING HOT! I´m already sweating like crazy, but it actually doesn´t get to me nearly as bad as last year.. Wow, that´s a little weird to say "as bad as last year". Can´t beleive i´ve already been here that long! But I love you all, stay strong, thanks for everything. ENJOY the snow! Love Elder Allsup!

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