Saturday, February 23, 2013


Hey Everyone! Also, this week I found out that at the end of this year, there will be 50 new missions in the world, and at the end of this year it will be the first time in church history that there will be the same number of Sister missionaries as Elders!! Isn´t that amazing! We are literally seeing the signs of hte second coming, coming to pass!!!! Also, there will be another MTC in Mexico that will hold 3000 missionaries! And by the end of this year, there will be 1400 missionaries hitting the mission field every single week!!! Woah!!! Literally the Armies of Helaman!!! Thanks for all the prayers!


Hey Everyone!!
Pretty calm week, nothing crazy, but last night was really cool, because today we had our Zone Leader meeting, and today Presidente invited the District Leaders too, so Elder Ben Adams actually came in last night because they are in areas really far from Resistencia, so they actually came to our pension last night to sleep in our pension to not have to travel at 1 in the morning! It was so much fun talking about home, and how the families are, and talking about the area, because he´s in the area that I started it, and said that everyone is doing well. Something really crazy I heard though is that one of my converts, (Roberto age 15) actually passed away 2 months ago in the river next to that area as he was fishing... So that was really sad for me, and I hope you can all pray for the family Gonzalves so that they can be comforted and have some help. It made me really sad to hear, so please pray for them. The meeting today was really awesome. I learned a lot, and we were able to get a lot of good instructions from President, and It was awesome to be able to see all my friends and all the awesome Elders that i´ve made life long relationships with. I can´t believe Tean is getting his call!!! I CAN´T WAIT TO HEAR IT!!!!!!!!!!! I´m so excited!! It sounds like everyone is doing great! I love you all, thank you for your prayers, we are doing our best here!!

I´m loving being a zone leader, it´s so fun being able to help other elders, and to be able to learn so much from them and everything. I also love doing divisions, (that´s when we switch companions and we switch areas for a few days) because I get to know other elders and get to know a lot of other areas, so it´s a ton of fun. But most of all, I love being able to do the baptismal interviews, because I get to see the people that are ready to get baptized, and they get to tell me about their conversion, and i´m constantly reminded of how strong the Holy Ghost can testify of the church, and I love being able to see how much the Gosple changes people. Even though we´re living so strictly the gospel, our testimony is tested constantly, which takes its toll. This week I was able to do 5 baptismal interviews, and they honestly make me so happy, and I absolutely love it. I hope everyoen is doing well, I love you all, thanks for everything! have a great week, and remember to study the scriptures and to always APPLY what you learn.


Elder Quynton Allsup

Resistencia, Chaco

La Gran MisiĆ³n Argentina Resistencia

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