Thursday, February 14, 2013

Feb 11, 2013

Hey Everyone!
This week was really great, but pretty tiring as well. It´s awesome being here in Resistencia because I´m getting to know a TON of people, and i´m able to travel A TON. Every single week I´m traveling to other areas, doing divisions with the other elders and all that, which is a ton of fun, and i´m really enjoying it. This week I met 2 families that have family in Eagle Mountain, and in Delta! Maybe you can ask Dahl if he knows a family Falcón in Eagle Mountain that´s from Argentina? The guy is from Argentina, the wife is from utah. And there is a kid here that was actually born in Delta, but he obviously lives here. He´s 19 and about to go on a mission, but his parents were in Utah, visiting and touring, and he was actually born in Delta utah, which is pretty funny. Such a small world I can´t beleive it.
Oh and mom, I made the list for all the future missionaries, so i´ll try to make copies and send them to you as fast as I can, you should have them in the next few weeks, i´ll let you know. I love it here, because now every time someone in our zone has a baptism, we go to do the baptismal interviews for the people, and this week I was able to do 5 baptismal interviews for people, and it´s the coolest experience ever to interview someone that has changed so much, and to be able to feel the spirit tell you that they´re ready to make a big covenant in their lives. This week I traveled about 2 hours away from my area, and we did divisions with some elders and it was so much fun. I was with an elder that´s from Chile, and we had a blast, because Elder Martinsen was his companion too for 3 transfers, and it was funny telling all the stories and stuff about him. But other than that. I´m doing great, not a whole lot different! I´m getting a lot more used to being a zone leader, which i´m loving every single day to be able to talk with other elders and be able to help them with what they need. This last saturday we did Divisions with the Asistents to the President, so I was able ot roll around in the mission truck for a day, which was awesome. The asistents are the only ones with cars in the mission, so it´s an opportunity that not all elders get! Haha but that was a lot of fun. Somethign cool I found out about my companion this week is that His grandpa actually worked on the SR-71 Blackbird, and was actually the pilot of the 747 that took the space shuttle up to the skies! He also was able to fly in the SR-71 too, which is pretty awesome. The SR-71 is the fastest plane to ever be built (Or at least it WAS, i´m not sure about now) so that´s pretty fun to talk about all that with him.
This week I learned something really cool from my mission president, which was that he told us that what people call "luck" isn´t really luck at all, it´s a principle of our preparedness, and the arrival of the opportunity. When we are prepared, and the opportunity arrives, we have "luck" or success. In the scriptures we are promised the opportunity from our Heavenly Father. But if we aren´t prepared, we are going to miss the opportunity, and the "so called luck" doens´t come. It was something that really hit me hard, becuase Dad has always taught me this, but I never fully understood, until the spirit was able to teach me completely and I was able to learn what dad was telling me my whole life. So I hope everyone is prepared, so that when the opportunity of success comes, we can take advantage to the full affect. This is a principle for any point of our lives. In the gospel, in our jobs, and in our families, and even with Teaching opportunities with our families, friends, and the rest of the people. I hope everyone is able to put it into practice, and be prepared for our opportunities that our Heavenly Father gives us! I love you all, thanks so much for all hte support and prayers, and love. Have a wonderful week!

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