Monday, February 4, 2013

Feb 4, 2013

Photo 1: Me and my new companion Elder Pusey!

Photo 2: Me and Elder Pusey with a few of the Elders from our Zona!

Photo 3: Albertina, Maria, Evelyn, Little Ruth,and Me the night I left Santo Tom├ę

Photo 4: Ruth Eating the Tacos we made, first time they had ever tried them

Photo5: Me and Ruth making the sugar cookies the night I left

Photo 6: Same as Number 5

Photo 7: A member invited us over to do an "Asado" or BBQ Argentine Style!



Hey Everyone! I sent some pictures so I hope you like them! This week has been really great. I´ve been settling in a lot to my new position and things like that. This morning we cleaned the apartment for like 3 1/2 hours, and organized everything, so I´m super excited about that! On Saturday I got to do my very first baptismal interview! Because as Zone Leaders we have to go around to our Zone when the Elders have baptisms, and perform the baptismal interviews to makesure the people are ready and things,so that was a really cool experience.

Me and Elder Pusey are getting along great,and making a lot of really good changes in the zone, and we´re already seeing a lot of really good success, for example, yesterday in our zonewe had a total of 29 people in church,in attendance, which the zone hasn´t seen for a few months now! So we´re super excited about that!

We are eating really well too. This ward is the biggest, most organized ward in the mission, so we have meals every single day minus our P-day! Our studies aredoing really well too, i´m learning a ton from my companion. Our schedule right now is pretty cool. We wake up at 7 am, and until 8:30 we are exercising, eating breakfast and showering andgettingready,then at 8:30 we have personal study time, 9:30 we have a half our for some practices and to get ready for our lessons, and at 10 we leave to go work for 2 hours until 12 when we go eat for an hour. at 1:30 we areback in the pension doing our compa├▒ionship study until 2:30, then wehave a half our of language study,and a half hour to shower and get ready again because we sweat so much. Then from 3:30 to 9:30 we are out teaching and working, and from 9:30 to 10 we plan our day for tomorrow,then from 10 - 11 we call all the Elders in the zone to see how their days wentand to get ready for bed. So for all of you that wanted toknow, that´s my life for right now! Our schedule will change in March,and i´ll let you know how it is from there! Here they give us 900 Pesos, wich would equal out to be just under 200$ american dollars,so we don´t have a whole lot, but we manage really well if you´re smart and don´t waste your money.

All the pictures are great!! That´s so crazy Tean is an Elder!! Congrats Tean! And Sawyer looks awesome playing basketball! I can´t believe how everyone is growing up! And the pictures of the baptisms! How cool is that! Thanks for telling Emma that, i´m so proud of her and Judson!! My convert Maria Loved the book you guys sent for her! She was excstatic that you guys would do that from so far away!

That´s really cool about the High Councelman´s talk,sounds like it was pretty powerful and moving! All the pictures are great, and sounds like everyone is doing awesome! Thanks for sending the pictures,I hopeeveryone is doing really well. I´m staying really excited and cheerful to try and help all the other Elders to always be exciting and fun andthings like that, and so far it seems to be working. Plus my mission president got back this last saturday from the States, because his wife recovered fully from herstroke,and so i´m really really excited about that. He´s such an awesome guy. I love hima lot, and now i´m even more excited because i´m here in Resistencia and i´ll see him every few days, whereas before I would only see him once every 3 or 4 months.

Something I learned this week for everyoen to be able to put into practice, is when things go wrong, or when things don´t turn out how you´d like, or whatever other problem, just move on! You can´t change it! The only thing you can do is LEARN FROM IT and move on! You don´t need to be mad, or discouraged, or angry, or upset. Just let it go, learn from it, and know you can leave it behind. Sometimes here in the mission baptisms don´t work out, or people don´t come to church,or whatever, and Iwould get discouraged, oreven a little upset with some of the people, and sometimes I felt like I needed to feel bad to be able to get better, but that´s not true. Just be happy, move on, and do your best next time. That is what the Lord expects from us! So be happy everyone! I loveyou all, thanks for everything! And have a wonderful day! (P.S. if you are whining about the cold, just imagine you´re here with me, today on the computer it says "112°, Feels like 118°" So just enjoy bundling up, it´s fun! haha, Love you all, thanks for everything!


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