Friday, February 1, 2013


First picture: Aldana Kigental, she´s 8, right after she came out of hte water
Second picture: Raul Almiron, He´s 9, right after he came out of the water
Third Picture: Me, Julio Elizalde, Celia she´s 28, Albertina, she´s the 63 year old Brazilian lady, my compaion and the two kids.
Fourth Picture: Celia coming out of the water, I baptized her
Fifth Picture: Albertina coming out of hte water, I baptized her too
Sixth Picture: Me and Elder Rogers at Macdonalds the past week in Resistencia!!
Seventh is of me and some of the member kids playing around a little bit infront of a really cool view

Pictures from 1/21/2013

 Pictures from 12/31/2012


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