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Jan 28, 2013

Hey Everyone!!! What a CRAZY week i´ve had!! I´ve got so much to tell you that I don´t even know where to start!! First of all, just to recap from last week. I´ve been running about 2 miles every single morning without stopping, and without it being a super hard thing for me, which is a really cool accomplishment for me, because i´ve never actually just ran in my life, cross country or anything, so that´s really cool for me. I feel a lot better when I run, and i´ve actually learned to really enjoy it. Also i´ve been making some amazing omelettes with the summer sausage you sent me in my package, which are seriously super good. I´m putting cheese and green onions and some other spices, plus that sausage. I am learning to make some really good things, and i´m excited to have even more time when I get home to be able to excel even more in cooking. I really do have a passion for it, that i´ve never actually fully understood until the mission, with one of my companions, adn I realized it´s actually a really big hobby I have. So that is another fruit from serving the mission! you find out your true passions! I also made a peanut butter and vanilla and banana shake, which is super good too. All my companions have been asking me to make one for them haha.
But First of all, to start off the week, on Tuesday we made Tacos for Maria, Evelyn, Ruth, and Albertina in Maria´s new house that we helped her move into, and we also made sugar cookies with the recipe from grandma and we had them cut out all the cookies with the cookie cutter and everything and they absolutely loved the cookies, but most of all the tacos! She actually made a mexican salsa too, which was absolutely delicious!! But that night, I recieved a phone call from the asistents to the President, and they told me I needed to Travel to Resistencia, which is the main city in our mission, the actual mission headquarters to put it that way, and they told me that I was going to be a zone leader of the biggest zone in the whole mission, the zone: Resistencia. This zone has a ton of compañionships, and it´s actually the zone of the Asistents and of the secretaries of the mission! So right now i´m a Zone Leader of all of them, plus a ton of other companionships, with like 8 districts or somethign like that, i´m still learning all of that! I am so so excited, and I couldn´t believe it when they called me! My entire world has changed completely, in pretty much every single aspect! I went from being as far away in the mission as we possibly can be, because I was right next to Brazil, to being in the mission headquarters, smack dab in the middle of hte mission. I went from not seeing another Elder for 2-3 weeks, to seeing other elders pretty much every single day. I went from a tiny little branch of 45 people, to a full organized ward of about 80-90 people attending, which is actually the best, most organized ward in the whole mission. I went from a young, pretty different, pretty lazy ecuador companion, to a new companion that is from Denver Colorado, who wants to work, and get things done. His name is Elder Pusey. He´s the first Elder I got to know in the mission, we served together in my very first area, my very first divisions were with him, and we get along great, and we´re doing great things now in the zone. My old pension was pretty small, and didn´t have air, and was extremely humid and hot, and this pension is big, spacious, and has air! Pretty much my whole world has changed, and i´m loving it! Here it´s a big city, and the work is completely different, so i´m excited to get to work in a different way with a lot of members. The ward also gives us lunch every single day, whereas in my other area I was lucky to eat with a member 2 or 3 times a week, sometimes less! Wow, so much is different. But it was really hard to say goodbye to my converts. Really really hard. I actually got a little teary eyed when I had to leave Ruth and Maria and Evelyn. THey called me when I was still with them, so I was able to tell them that I was leaving, and Evelyn turned to Ruth and said, "Ruth, Elder Allsup has to leave, and I don´t know if we´ll even see him again, or at least for a really long time" and she got a little teary eyed, and she ran up to me and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek haha. But really it was like leaving my family. To be honest I don´t know how i didn´t break down crying. Probably for the shock that I had, of knowing everything was going to change! But luckily I got all the goodbyes away, and I was able to say goodbye to all the rest of the families the next morning, and all the other converts, which was hard, because they all said some really really cool things to me. I absolutely love those people, and I can´t wait to return and see them again.
But another cool thing, is my MTC companion Elder Rogers was just in this area in Resistencia, so I was able to see him again! I actually found something out about our zone. The areas around Resistencia, the ones that are "right next to President for a reason" are because a few of the areas are for the "problem" Elders. So that´s going to be a challenge, that I´m really excited to be able ot help them. IT´s cool because every single night we call each of the Elders to check up on the day and how everything went, and i´ve just been SUPER excited and really cool to each of them, and I can already tell a difference in how they treat us, and how we´re gaining their trust, and how they are actually working better, so i´ve got a good goal to be able to change our attitude as a district, and we´re going to be the example of the whole mission, and we´re going to be the highest baptizing zone in the mission, and the most obedient and everything. I know we can do it, and I know if I do my part, the Lord will help me with my goals, and we´re going to change the zone around, and be the examples for th ewhole mission. It´s cool because the zone Resistencia is so big, and it´s where all the other zones look for guidance. Because if our zone doesn´t do well, and we´re the zone of the President´s Asistents and secretaries, then they aren´t going to be super excited to do well, so we´ve got a pretty big load. But i´m super excited to be able to do it! Plus I found another amazing thing out. Elder Adams, from the ward, Ben Adams, he´s actually a District leader in Miguel Lanús 2! My first area, the area where I was born!! So he´s goign to meet all my converts there and all the wonderful people I was able to teach and serve! What a crazy transfer this will be! I wrote him a letter to congratulate him and give him some excitement so that´s going to be aweosme to hear from him. Every single month, in our mission we have a mission councel for all the Zone Leaders, and it was actually today, and we get to see all the other zone leaders from the mission, which is so much fun, and super spiritual and really amazing to get all the insight directly from President. Plus Elder Rogers is actually the Zone Leader of the zone right next to us! So we were Zone Leaders in the MTC together, and now we´re both Zone Leaders in the field, to Zones right next to eachother! Haha I can´t believe all these miracles! It´s so awesome. It´s awesome to see Presidente on a weekly basis now too, whereas before I saw him every 3 months or even more sometimes. OH and Plus, Presidente Heyman and his wife are returning to the mission! I think I told you, but 2 months ago, my mission president´s wife had a stroke, and they both had to go to the states in their home there, in Arizona, but now they´re going to return this week, which is a miracle, because they weren´t supposed to come back because her condition was so severe, so we´re all SO excited for that, and I love him so much, and I´m so excited to see him every few days now!! Ah I wish I could tell you all how excited I am, and how amazing all these things are!! I have so much more to tell you, and I´ll try to write more next week, and send a ton of pictures. I´ve got a lot of pictures to send of all these things, so that´ll be good for next week. But htank you all for your prayers, sorry for all the writing errors in this letter, i´m writing as fast as I can and as quick, so if something doésn´t make sense, have dad use his spanglish skills to correct. Haha, But I love you all!! Thank you all so much for everything, for the prayers, and please keep including me. I´m pretty humbled by this calling, and i´m super excited! I love you all, sounds like everything is great! I¨m going to send another email answering all the questions from last week to make it easier on me, so i´ll send this one right now. I love you all!!!

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