Friday, December 23, 2011

December 13, 2011

Hey, i've already written a letter to you that i'll send later today, so most of those answers and what I wanted to say will be in that, but to give a brief summary:

I'm glad they had fun at the ball, and the greenhouse looks great! I'm glad he's getting help from everyone, i've prayed that the greenhouse would go up smoothely every night. I am really hoping Ben will be in my zone, so I can be with him all the time, but we'll see. Hopefully i'll see him a lot even if he isn't, but i'm pretty sure he'll be in my zone because we receive a new distrcit the day he comes in. So my companion sent some pictures home of us, and his family knows a friend, and that friend was looking at the pictures, and comes to find out I went to school with him, and it is crazy all the connections that we find here. I can randomely start talking to someone and there will be a connection somehow. Yesterday was a rough day for me. There have been a lot of people acting up in our zone, one Elder imparticular that i've not been getting along with at all, and he's been such a terror and it's really getting on my nerves. But we're trying!

Those pictures are all great! It makes me wish I could be there. Tell everyone I love them, thanks for everything. Con Amor, Elder Allsup

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