Friday, December 30, 2011

December 13, 2011

I'm meeting with the Argentine consulate today and my planned departure date is January 9th 2012. I get to call from the airport, let me know if you are still thinking of sending a phone or phone card.

Its cool to see how our companionship is working out so efficient. There is an elder in here that is really starting to irritate me. He's a super know it all , one-upper and always talks about his home and girlfriend and all of us are just ignoring it now.

Tean and Tance, bring a portfolio to keep your letters in. It really helps a lot. Also come up with a address book ( a little one) that is loaded with all your addresses, or have people sign it and fill it out at your farewell.

We ate the Harry Potter every flavor jelly beans on Sunday. I'll send you the video, its pretty funny. We all had such a great time with them. It was an awesome experience to feel like we were just hanging out for once. On Sunday we got to hear from the BYU men's choir, they were so good. They were fun to listen to, they shared a story of a man who only baptized one person on his mission in the Netherlands. from that in just 60 years 21 missions have been served through the generations, and he thought he wasn't a good missionary. It was cool. Brandon Doman's older brother is in my Branch Presidency and he played with Steve Young's championship team, it is cool to hear his stories.

Advice of the week, Worrying doesn't solve tomorrow's problems, it only drains today's energy. Elder Taai (the one from the island) is doing well. He is being arranged a nice package, I play basketball with him alot. It's getting a little tedious around here, The Spanish is coming great and Elder Rogers and I will be teaching the next lesson.

Zone leader stuff is going well. Had to settle a few more problems this week, but I feel we'll be blessed for being obedient. I've had a few dreams where Spanish is involved a little bit, not all of it but its still cool.

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