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November 29, 2011

Hey Everyone.

Mom- I forgot to tell you your cookies were amazing and people loved them, and i actually used them for Currency to get things from them!

You all should start watchign some of those "I'm a mormon" videos, they're really cool look up Stan Checketts, Erick Lund, Brandon FLowers, Paora Winitana, Alex Boye, and Kevin Fedderson to start off, they're really inspiring and uplifting. I bought a pen two weeks ago, and it's completely out because i've written so much, it's amazing, and i'm glad you've taught me to write everything down, it helps a lot.

Earlier this week Elder Rogers fell back on his chair and ripped a little bit of his suit, and I couldn't stop laughing it was so funny! And that package was amazing! When Elder Hein saw the football he said "Tell your mom I love her" haha and the pie was literally the best thing we've eaten so far, and it was so good! We're saving the summer sausage for a great event, because i can't help but want to savor the moment of it!

Thanks for sending the license,(pilot license) i didn't think i'd want to see it but it was so cool to see the final accomplishment! Everyone was really proud and thought it was really cool. Some of the Elders after eating the pie came up and genuinely thanked me because it reminded them of home and it meant a lot to them. The flavors were both perfect, and the pie was actually still cold! Really cold!

On Tuesday we got to hear from D. Todd Christofferson of the 12 apostles! It was amazing! He served in my exact same mission too! and guess who his mission president was? Richard G. Scott! Look at all these apostles going to Resistencia! For thanksgiving we woke up, (got to sleep in a whole half hour more until 7 am) and ate breakfast which was really good. Then we were able to hear from Russell M. Nelson, also of the12 apostles! We were about 20 feet away from each of them when they spoke, too. it was so cool! Then we made 8,000 First aid kits for Sudan kids, and it was cool because it was similar to when we did it at Grandma's house, and we all actually were human converyor belts moving boxes.

Then we got a little nap time, but we just played football in the hall instead, and it was so much fun with the little football you sent, thank you so much. Then we got a brown bag sack dinner which was... eh.... and then we had a great thanksgivbing program which consisted of first singing "Over the River and Through the Woods" which was funny to hear hundreds of Elders sing their little hearts out too. Then we had a funny skit people got to volunteer in, and she had us think of something we were thankful for relating to a hymn, and then we'd sing the first verse... Let me just tell you, the music here is abosolutely amazing. Hundreds of men singing is the greatest thing i've ever heard, and I love it every single time. After that some convert missionaries shared their stories, which was cool to hear, and then we each got a big bag of kettlecorn and they let us watch 17 Miracles! It was such a great movie! I loved it and the spirit was so strong. The atmosphere the apostles brought was so fun, and hilarous, and just a great experience!

On sunday me and Elder Rogers got called in by the Branch President, so we immediately think we're in trouble for launghing things in the hall with our rubber bands, or for playing football or something, but he actually asked us....... TO BE THE NEW ZONE LEADERS! It's so awesome! We're in charge of 5 districts right now. Just me and my companion! And it was a huge testimony builder to know the Lord was preparing me to serve in bigger places. We are staying really humble, because it's not a matter of being better than anyone, and we know we're there because we are really good at serving others. But it's a great opportunity for me and we're really excited. Each night we have to do "rounds" in our whole building, which means we're actually in charge of about 500 Elders, and to make sure everyoen is in bed on time with Lights out and things. When he sat us down, he said it wasn't even a question. Each of the branch presidency knew from day one we were special, he actually said all this stuff, and it was really really amazing.

We actually learned soem cool facts about Argentina today, People in Singapore, which is known to be one of the hottest missions, have a saying that the elders say whenever they're hot and sweaty they say "At least we're not in Resistencia!" Hahaha they really say it! I've heard it now from many people! Also WILLY OU SEND ME MY FLAG PLEASE! Or at least one exactly like it? We found out the flag is the way it is because the people of Argentina can always see their flag in the sky (White for clouds, blue for sky, and sun for sun.) which is cool to think about. Also they have a saying down there "La Bella de Sur" which means beauty of the south, and they always hit elbows instead of handhske. Later that night we got to watch Testaments, which reminded me when you MADE us watch that a few years ago, and we were all whining and crying and complaining because we didn't want to watch some stupid church video and we had so much better things to do, and i remember that night the spirit touched me more than any other single moment of my entire life, and we all started crying and we had a big family hug, and mom said "This is what the spirit feels like" and i'll remember it forever. I love you all and i'm working hard, I can really feel all your prayers at night.

P.S. Since we're Zone leaders now, we'll actually be Zone LEaders for the next 5 weeks, which is a record for our Zone, and that means if Ben comes to my zone which is a sure possibility, i'll be able to take care of him. I love you guys so much, stay strong, stay spiritual, and remember you can ALWAYS pray. And i'm praying for each of you and your specific lives every single night. Ciao! (They say that in Argentina because they're better than everyone!

P.S.S. we have some funny spanish sayings in our district that we made up:Le gusta lo que ve? (You like what you see?) and Bueno, bueno, bueno, que tenemos aqui? (Well, well, well what do we have here?) and we call eachother chistadors which means jokesters, but I don't think that's a real word or saying hahaha.

P.S.S.S.S i'm WAY over on my email time, I love you guys, remember to serve others! Personal Advice for the week: We become what we think about most. An apostle said that to us on Tuesday!

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